Chemical admixtures


Thanks to our knowledge not only of the mechanical aspects of out machineries but also of the properties of the products which are applied with them, we also bring to our customers some specific chemical admixtures, that can be added and precisely dosed in our plants in order to improve the physical performances of the finished products.

MML/P foaming agent, based on natural surfactant with raw materials of plant origin, with different formulation for summer and winter. It produces a stable foam, suitable for cellular concrete for lightweight underlayment, roofing and cavity filling.

MML liquid admixture that introduces controlled quantity of air in the cement mixes to produces pumpable mortar with high stability and cohesion, when using lightweight aggregates which are not easy to “wet”

EQUOSMART is a liquid admixture which speeds up the drying of sand-cement screed. Its action allows semi-dry cement screed with higher workability in the trowelling phase, a closer and consistent structure and higher strengths with a low content of residual water.

SMART FIBER: high density polypropylene fibre, with excellent grip to the hydraulic binders, water-repellent, with good dimensional stability, resistant to alkalis, to the wearing and to other damaging agents. Smart fiber are added for concrete secondary reinforcement and to control the plastic shrinkage of concrete.

SMART FIBER are supplied in rope rolls and are dosed in our plants for semi-dry screed and self levelling screed by our exclusive automatic cutting and dosing system.