Mobile Plants on truck

Our plants

The mobile plants produced by K.G. Bontira are autonomous units mounted on vehicles such as 4 axles trucks or 3 axles semi-trailers. The structure of the truck fits any container carrier and is locked with twist locks.

The plant consists of one or two silos (depending on the version – for the binder, the aggregate or the pre-blended dry material), the water tank and the additives drums with their pumps, the conveying screws, the weighing and dosing systems, the mixer and the pumping device for conveying the mixed material to the application point. The control cabinet, an air compressor and a high-pressure water cleaner are always on board, as well as the mortar hoses, rolled on a hose drum and several useful accessories. The remote control included allows the control of the unit.

The mobile plants are available in these versions:


Each component is weighed and dosed in the set quantities. The quality of the finished product is then assured by the mixing ratio, which is always kept constant in each working phase. The system records the produced volumes and can therefore document the material consumption of the whole jobsite.

All the plants have an on-board power generator which ensures the complete autonomy of the unit from the electric network. However, if electric power is available at the jobsite, it can be used to power the plant.

The load of cement, binders and dry pre-blended materials can be done directly under a loading station in the factory or pneumatically from a tank truck or a storage silos.

The K.G. Bontira plants are realized in order to allow a simple and effective cleaning at the end of the job. At the same time the logical layout of the susyem makes service and maintenace easier.

Health, Safety and Environment

The technological improvement given by the K.G. Bontira plants brings many advantages in the production process of the screed, e.g. reducing the physical stress of the manual loading of cement and aggregates into the machines and eliminating the dust exposure while producing the mixes. In few words: the plants improve the quality of the work and the environment. The sustainability is improved eliminating the bags and all the costs related to their disposal.

The use of an independent power unit allows a great fuel saving, since the truck is switched off and not used to run the auxiliary drive. In this way early wearing of the motor due to unproper use is avoided. At the same time keeping the truck motor switched off during the job abides by the traffic rules and reduces significantly the pollution and the noise of the jobsite area.