Portable Machines for bagged materials

Portable Machines

K.G. Bontira is the recognized Italian market leader in the production of machines and systems for lightweight mortars based on foam cement and lightweight aggregates, which are used for laying underlayments, extrados roofing and cavity filling and for acoustic and thermal insulation.

The added value of all the machines made by K.G. Bontira is the use of stainless steel for the main parts of the machine (mixing trough, mixing shaft, foam lance), which ensures the lowest wear and the highest resistance to the aggressive alkaline environment of cement mixes.


Making foam cement is easy and efficient with the K.G. Bontira batch mixing pump, fed with bagged cement. Foam is generated by a dedicated foam generator, connected with the mixing pump so that water and foam are added automatically to the cement slurry in the right quantities to reach the desired density.

Foam cement can be also produced in continuous process by coupling the continuous foam generator FC300 with a common plastering machine, a mortar pump feeded by a continuous mixer or even by a truck mixer.

The product range includes:


Lightweight mortars based on aggregated with low density, like polystyrene, perlite, vermiculite, mixed at the jobsites or preblended in bags are applied by 1-ph or 3ph mixing pumps, which dose automatically the mixing water.