FC 300 is the innovative foam generator combined with a static mixer for the continuous pumping of cellular concrete. FC300 produces a dense and stabile foam using the “dry” method. The cement slurry, produced by a plastering machine or by a continuous mixer or, finally, brought with a truck mixer, is pumped into the static mixer of the FC300 and here mixed with the foam.

FC 300 can be used in combination with a standard plastering machine.

The advantage is that the foam generator remains at the floor of the application and only the slurry is pumped vertically: in this way the foam is preserved by compressive stress and can keep its volumetric characteristic.


  • Foam generator mounted on frame with wheels
  • Air compressor 400 V with compressed air tank, air fitting and manometer
  • Water pump with water fitting and compensating buffer
  • Additive dosing system
  • Lance for foam injection
  • Static mixerfc300


Dettagli tecnici


  • Compressor 1,5 kW, 280 l/min, 8 bar
  • Water pump, 0,37 kW, 40 l/min, 4 bar


  • Cellular concrete capacity 7 to 9 mc/h
  • Comveying distance of cellular concrete (flat) up to 60 m