Plant for lightweight mortars

PLM-C is a mobile plant designed for producing and applying lightweight underlayment and insulating screeds based on foam cement and/or lightweight aggregates like polystyrene beads. With PLM-C is possible to cast under floor screeds as a compensating layer with low static load and insulating properties. This underlayment is then suitable for the overlaying screed.

The plant consists of a cement silos with the appropriate extracting and dosing screws, the mixer on load cells, the foam generator and the pumping system. The operation is completely automatic and the plant doesn’t need an operator next to it.


The lightweight mortar is produced and pumped by the mixer/pump unit and the foam generator, controlled by the control panel with touch screen, which manages up to 5 components – cement, water, foam, aggregate, plasticizer – which are automatically dosed in 1 m3 batches.

PLM-C can be installed onto a 3- or 4-axes truck or onto a 2- or 3-axes semi-trailer. The plant is equipped with an on-board generator, so that it is totally independent at the jobsite. However, it can be connected to the jobsite electric network, if this is available.


PLM-C is designed to produce mixes with cement slurry and only foam or with only polystyrene beads without foam, with all the intermediate recipes.


  • Cement silo 19 m3 with couplings for pneumatic blowing and air filter
  • Conveying screws
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • 1000 liters stainless steel mixer trough, on load cells
  • stainless steel double ribbon shaft
  • 2 stainless steel water tank, 800 l each
  • Water pump for cement slurry, 180 l/min
  • Metering water pump for foam, 30 l/min
  • Air compressor, 670 l/min
  • Lance for foam making
  • Progressive cavity mortar pump, 520 l/min
  • Control panel with input touch screen and USB port for data downloading
  • Electrically driven hose drum with 60 meters PU spiral hose
  • High pressure water cleaner
  • Remote control
  • Power generator, 30 KVA

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  • Length = 7960 mm
  • Width = 2480 mm
  • Height = 2630 mm (from chassis)
  • Weight = 6500 kg


  • Capacity = 15 mc/h
  • Working time of power generator (without re-fueling) = 8-10 h
  • Conveying distance = 150 m