PLM-E nana Portable machine for lightweight mortar

PLM-E nana is a mixing pump for lightweight mortar and concretes. The machine can apply jobsite mixes and pre-mixed products.

Electric power 400V, 50Hz, 3 ph

Complies EN norm 2006/42/CE

PLM-E nana can produce and blend mixes of cement slurry with “virtual” aggregates like beads of virgin polystyrene or crushed polystyrene granules. Other lightweight aggregates, such as perlite and vermiculite, can be used up to 40% in volume. The machine is not suitable for expanded clay containing mixes.

PLM-E nana can be used for applying dry pre-mixed product, such as lightweight underlayment, self-levelling screed, thermal insulating mortar.


    • Stainless steel mixing trough. Volume 250 litres
    • Stainless steel double ribbon mixing shaft, driven by a 1,5 kW electric motor
    • Stainless steel progressive cavity pump driven by a 2,2 kW motor with belt clutch
      Capacity 70 l/min
    • Control panel with automatic control of water (programmable litre-counter)


Dettagli tecnici


  • Length = 1300 mm
  • Width = 1100 mm
  • Load height = 860 mm
  • Weight = 320 kg



  • Capacity ca. 2 mc/h
  • Conveying distance 50 m
  • Conveying height 25 m