K.G. Bontira solutions give to the screed and flooring professional the competitive advantage that will bring him to be the Nr. 1 in the application of high quality products.


The whole production process of our plants is performed in house: the heart of the plants is made directly by ourselves. The additional components are supplied by highly qualified partners, which deliver exclusively “made in Italy” parts. Because of this, we can deliver an outstanding quality.


Every K.G. Bontira project is developed by our engineering department, to meet our customer’s needs of technology and quality. The deep knowledge of all the mechanical operation, the application techniques of the products and their quality requirements makes sure that all the machinery of K.G. Bontira are efficient, reliable and highly performing.


We support our customers not only in the realisation and the commissioning of the plants, but also in the optimisation of the products and their recipes and in the suggested chemicals.

The after sales service is guaranteed by a well-equipped and qualified workshop, able to perform the maintenance as well as unplanned repairs. Skilled technicians ensure the service at the jobsite.

What we do




The mobile plants produced by K.G. Bontira are stand-alone plants mounted on 4-axes trucks or container semitrailers. The structure of the plant fits in every vehicle that carries containers and is locked with standard twist-locks.

The plants consist of one or two silos (according to the version) for the binder, the aggregates or the pre-mixed dry mortar, the water tank and the additives drums, the conveying and dosing screws, the weighing system, the mixing equipment and the pumps. The scope of supply always includes compressed air device, high pressure water cleaner, remote control, mortar and water hoses rolled on a motorized drum. A radio remote control, include in the scope of supply, allows the operation control from remote.

The power supply needed by the plant is ensured by an on-board generator. The plants are thus independent from the truck engine.


The product range of portable machines of K.G. Bontira includes batches mixing pumps which are fed with bagged materials – cement, lightweight aggregates or pre-mixed dry mortars. The mixing water as well as the foam – if any – are added automatically.

For producing foam cement K. G. Bontira produces foam generators. These can work in batches along with a batch mixing pump or continuously in combination with a continuous plastering machine for the cement slurry and a static mixer.


The objective of K.G. Bontira is to develop new technologies for making the application of underlayment, screeds and levelling products more efficient, logical, user and environmental friendly.

The health and the safety of the professionals, the optimisation of the working cycle time, the quality of the applied product are the targets that can be reached thanks to our machineries for applying:

  • cellular concrete (foam cement)
  • lightweight mortars
  • sand-cement floor screeds
  • self-levelling screeds and compounds

We are next to the applicators since decades, therefore we know what really matters: quality, fastness and reliability.


Our projects go through three steps:

1ANALYSIS: What are customer’s needs?

  1. Type of product
  2. Storage capacity vs. versatility
  3. Performances
  4. Traceability of the products

2DEVELOPMENT: technical implementation

  1. Definition of dimensions and weight
  2. Type of machines
  3. Customization of recipes

3TEST – Field trial

  1. Optimization of the settings
  2. Problem solving


The product range of K.G. Bontira is completed by several accessories, such as mortar hoses with couplings, worm pumps, trowels. K.G. Bontira can also supply chemicals like foaming agents for cellular cement and quality improvers for cementitious screeds as well as reinforcing fibres for semi-wet and self-levelling screeds, which can be automatically added by the on-board dosing device.


The mobile plants made by K.G. Bontira make the application of the screed easier. In particular the physical stress of feeding manually the machines with sand and cement is completely eliminated. At the same time the operator is much less exposed to the dust. In few word: better working quality and cleaner environment. The jobsite is kept clean, no piles of unused sand, no empty bags to dispose. Sustainability and respect are ensured by getting rid of the packaging and their disposal costs.

The use of the on-board power generator allows the saving of the fuel needed to keep the engine running for the auxiliary drive and avoids earlier wearing of the motor due to its misuse. In this way the plants comply to the rules for vehicles on the road (e.g. Highway Code) which require to switch off the engine of standing vehicles to reduce emissions and noise pollution.